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5 oct 2022
 Oct    2022 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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Paul Cargnello  La reine Contre Paul Cargnello

Artiste : Paul Cargnello

Titre de la chanson : : La reine Contre Paul Cargnello
De : : Paul Cargnello
Titre de l'album : La Reine Contre Paul Cargnello

La Reine m'aime pas
La Reine trip pas
J'ai jamias tombé aussi bas que ça
La Reine ne trip pas sur moi

Spent another night with no shoe laces on
I tried to run but I didn't get gone
stars in the sky, and garbage in the ally
the T.V said don't you worry about no protest rally, alright

I'll stay cool as long as I can
a call to Mr. Poitras, you know, he's our man
he come storming with a breifcase in his hand
signing a contract is like writing in the sand, alright

I got a letter in the mail today
I got to tell you what it did say
some broken glass in a parking lot
put a whole lot of people in a real tight spot