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28 mai 2022
 Mai    2022 
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Paul Cargnello  All My Heros

Artiste : Paul Cargnello
Artiste : Paul Cargnello

Titre de la chanson : : All My Heros
De : : Paul Cargnello
Titre de l'album : Papa Paul

All my heros have had flaws
they were just one of the straws
that weighed down on the camels back
some died like dogs, some watched the years stack
cut 'em up, they were all bones and guts
sanity was for the sane, the rest of them were nuts
when trouble hit they passed right through it
the house collapsed when they moved into it

all my heros had flaws
all my heros broke laws

I hate all my heros now like I love them now and then
they'll all disappoint me it just depends on when
yet the fires always burned, and love was never for the weak
they inspired action when they did speak

all winks and nods, and lies and fists
ink and blood, and untied wrists
and like a chain with invisible links
some of them drank, some of them poured the drinks