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28 juin 2022
 Juin    2022 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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Paul Cargnello  Lonely Lasting Thing

Titre de la chanson : : Lonely Lasting Thing
De : : Paul Cargnello
Titre de l'album : Papa Paul

The road is the lonely lasting thing
on this road I will not sing
sadness does not wear me well
it sits inside me and starts to swell
I wash in the rivers and the rivers of joy
I dream of home and of the boy
I miss too much I'm away
swallowed up in the lonely lasting day

It's snowing now in Montreal
it started right before this phonecall
sadness just doesn't go away
you gotta work at it every minute of every day
I hear your voice and I can feel your embrace
such a trace of home I could sculpt your face
I miss you too much when I'm away
swallowed up in this lonely lasting day