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28 sept 2022
 Sept    2022 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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Idril Jean So listen to me

Parole de chansons : Idril Jean Let's get crazy
  • At the top
  • Perfect soulmate
  • Rhythm of my life
  • So listen to me
  • Artiste : Idril Jean

    Titre de la chanson : : So listen to me
    De : : Idril Jean
    Titre de l'album : Let's get crazy

    So Listen To Me
    Written by Idril Jean

    When you need a friend
    I hear you calling my name
    Could you open your eyes
    See you get a burning inside
    Oh, oh, I dreamed about this game

    If you wanna change
    I wanna tell you something real
    That you did not hear
    Take always plenty of advice
    Oh, oh, it's time to realize, uh


    So listen to me - Every word I say
    First - You must be sorry
    Two - Standing in your way
    Life is not a game my friend
    You have to realize
    It's time to feel alive

    It's all in your hands
    Don't spend time to understand
    Hearing your own voices
    Making the right choices
    Oh, oh, better late than never

    You can get over
    It's written in the sky
    Never say die
    One thing's for sure
    Oh, oh, looking for the right cure, uh

    Chorus (repeat)

    Don't be afraid
    To find your way

    Keep a clear mind
    Leave everything behind, ah

    Chorus (repeat)

    It's time to feel alive

    It's time to feel alive