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27 sept 2022
 Sept    2022 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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dullboy. - proof (live @ Evermoor)
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dullboy is an assembly of dedicated musicians from Montreal determined to offer a unique & honest brand of modern rock. Ben Cardilli (lead vocals/guitar), Chris See Hoye (lead guitar/vocals), Pascal Beauregard (drums), and Kevin Brunelle (Bass) fuel their passion for creating and performing innovative, yet accessible music with the liberated melodic vision of the 90's.

Originating as a side project around Cardilli’s extensive vault of solo acoustic materiel, the revolving door of musicians making up the ‘Ben Cardilli Band’ for over 4 years finally settled on a lineup whose interpretation of the music stood apart. In 2014 - dullboy is born. Having outlasted any of Ben’s previous attempts to orchestrate the materiel, the smooth melodic sensibilities of long-time friend and collaborator - Chris, would quickly prove to be a key ingredient in the born-again-band's signature sound. With the later discovery of perfect balance across from prog rockers Pascal & Kevin, the quartet has been bursting with inspiration and could not be more excited to share their ideas.

Between the tender personal poetry and atmospheric audio assault that one can expect from dullboy live or on record, audiences have yet to disagree that these guys are on to something special. What’s more, this young assortment of Montreal music scene veterans has already built momentum by opening up for renowned artists such as Brian Byrne (I Mother Earth) and Kongos - in addition to participating in great Canadian Festivals like Canadian Music Week (as BCB). Now, as they meticulously prepare to release and tour their first full length record in August 2014, you'll just have to keep an ear out for the newest evolution of Canadian Rock & Roll!

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