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30 juin 2022
 Juin    2022 
di lu ma me je ve sa
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Matt Laurent

Matt Laurent - On va s'parler d'amour [Auto promo V]
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Matt Laurent has been an important and active part of the International music and entertainment scene for many years. With 4 hit musicals under his belt (Notre-Dame de Paris in Europe-Asia-Canada-Singapore in the celebrated lead role of the The Hunchback Quasimodo in over 800 performances during the past 15 years, Romeo and Juliette in Quebec, Le petit Prince in Quebec, and Dracula in France), and solo performances in Russia-Japan-South Korea, Matt Laurent is an experienced and high-calibre artist with many diversified talents to offer.

As a first-class performer, Matt has appeared at the legendary Olympia de Paris with the Australian singer Tina Arena, shared the stage with Canadian stars Sylvain Cossette, Isabelle Boulay & Andrée Watters in Quebec. His close collaboration with Cossette has earned him the prestigious Felix award for Best Stage Director in 2006 for the celebrated hit touring-show «Sylvain Cossette en solo».

As a respected studio record producer and arranger, Matt lent his producer talents to some Platinum and gold selling albums. He also co-wrote several songs with many artists, including the #1 radio hits «Emerveille-moi» , «Ma Liberté», «Sweet Harmonie» and many others.

One of Matt's recent passion-projects is called "Lucky Uke", he is the lead singer and ukulelist of the band. The first single "Cum on feel the noize" was the 2010 mega summer hit across Canada! The second hit single «We're Not Gonna Take It» allowed Lucky Uke to break the Guinness World Record for most ukeleles played during a song at the Montreal International Just For Laughs Festival in August 2011. The band’s 2012 album SUNBURN confirmed Lucky Uke’s fun in the sun-joie de vivre vibe as instantly infectious, and the ukulele has finally found respect in the hearts of even the most refined music lovers and rockers. Also, the album offered two original songs including the dynamic and colourful duet PLEASE PLEASE STAY featuring international platinum-selling artist Colbie Caillat! The song was a #1 radio hit in 2013 in many countries of the world!

In 2014, Matt flies solo with his own songs and unique style. Already, the first single from his brand new personal album has reached #1 on the Adult Pop-Rock charts! This English album (available around the world on itunes) includes a few French language songs and delivers a diversified mood with a simple and refreshing acoustic feel and vibe.
In 2015, Matt is back on tour with Notre-Dame de Paris where he will perform his 900th show as Quasimodo!

With a solid reputation as a dynamic performer and seasoned creative force, Matt Laurent continues to build and pursue an exciting and eclectic international career!

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